adaptive radiation

is a concept in evolutionary science in which a pioneering organism enters an environment where it has little competition.   it reproduces profusely and differentiates rapidly and extensively, though never departs too dramatically from… Continue reading

milan’s design fair

i had dinner night before last with a friend who’d just come back from covering the design fairs in milan.   sounded like fun to me (and probably you), but for her, it was… Continue reading

turner contemporary –

a new david chipperfield-designed museum will open in margate, kent, in the south of england next week.  the decidedly subdued exterior is based on the forms of fishing sheds, but clad in translucent… Continue reading

emil lukas

criss-crossed thread is stretched over box-like forms.  accumulating, the colored lines create glowing fields.   complex color fields shimmer and shift as ambient light changes. they refer to looms and weaving, stringed musical… Continue reading

pre-earthquake san francisco

more dubai

currently the tallest building in the world, the burj khalifa (designed by SOM) towers over the rest of the sky scrapers in the DIFC.  it sits in the most horrific suburban shopping complex.… Continue reading

sunrise in dubai

art dubai

some shots of our booth at art dubai.  we brought work by two artists – driss ouadahi and jim campbell – to do a focused “exhibition” that explores these artists treatment of the… Continue reading

a nice bit of domestic curating…

a friend has done a beautiful installation in his library, juxtaposing lordy rodriguez’s “topographical” drawings with ken price sculptures. the biomorphic forms and bright colors have a nice foil in the steel shelving.

no wall is safe

we just installed a wall piece at the san francisco gallery.   here’s a stop-action video showing the process of julie chang applying huge vinyl stencils to the wall, then painting layer after layer… Continue reading

AUGUSTUS by john williams

john williams (1922-1994) is my favorite american author.  in 1960 he published a western, butcher’s crossing, which predated cormac mccarthy’s blood meridian by 25 years and  is hands down better than anything mccarthy… Continue reading

tilted plane – an installation by jim campbell

we’ve just opened the 9th solo show that jim campbell has done with hosfelt gallery.  this one in our new york space.   there’s one piece in each of the four rooms.  each piece,… Continue reading

a glance back

it’s been 14 years and 200 shows —  guess i’m feeling nostalgic…    we failed to photograph most of our early exhibitions, but here are some fun images. shahzia sikander, “beyond surfaces.”  this… Continue reading

new year’s wish

an object of desire…

i want this table. the legs are bronze, the top is wood with gold leaf.   the first time i saw one was at a party at an art collector’s home in köln.    i… Continue reading

something i never do in the gallery…

is hang salon-style.    i have a well-earned reputation as a give-every-work-of art-the-space-it-needs kind of guy.  i’m the only gallerist i know who regularly leaves a couple (or more) of the walls of the… Continue reading

last evening we opened the 200th exhibition

that i’ve curated in my career.   crazy.  the show is the san francisco iteration of the show of artists associated with düsseldorf.    here are some installation shots taken by david.   click on them… Continue reading

jim campbell

will open a new public piece in san francisco tomorrow (9 december) night from 5-7 pm — at market street at 7th.   the piece is part of the san francisco arts commission’s “lights… Continue reading