tilted plane – an installation by jim campbell

we’ve just opened the 9th solo show that jim campbell has done with hosfelt gallery.  this one in our new york space.   there’s one piece in each of the four rooms.  each piece, as in much of his work, explores the threshold of our ability to make meaning from disorder.  here are some images of one of the pieces – tilted plane.

200 light bulbs hang from the ceiling in a grid.   the plane the grid forms is tilted — with the highest bulbs being 10 feet from the floor and the lowest being 2 — and skewed within the square of the room.

the “light bulbs” are the old fashioned variety.   but the insides have been removed and replaced with LEDs.

the lights rapidly flicker off  in a pattern that represents a super low-resolution image.  there are far, far too few “pixels” for you to comprehend the image.   and you’re too close to them to get the perspective you need to form a rudimentary image.   but there’s something about the rhythm of flickering that becomes discernible.

viewers are surprised to realize that they may move between the bulbs and through the grid.    the perceptual effects the sculpture creates are uncanny.

on view through the 19th of march in our gallery at 531 west 36th street, between 9th and 10th.