milan’s design fair

i had dinner night before last with a friend who’d just come back from covering the design fairs in milan.   sounded like fun to me (and probably you), but for her, it was just plain hard work.  attaching my favorite images of the objects she reproduced in T MAGAZINE:

ingo maurer,  “j.b. schmetterling.”   photo by martino lombezzi.

i’m not a huge ingo maurer fan.    his designs feel forced.  and the more “conceptual” his lighting gets, the more they read as one-liners.   it really hit home when i saw his show at the cooper hewitt a few years ago.   i so wanted to love it, but  for me, there’s no staying power.    HOWEVER, i think this pendant — with it’s handmade butterflies, moths and dragonflies poised to batter themselves to death against the blown glass — is fantastic!  here is a metaphor for humanity’s irresistible attraction to what’s worst for it that i’d love to live with…

for more ingo maurer, go to his website:

and isn’t this table leg gorgeous?!

photo by martino lombezzi

it’s the best part of paul loebach’s “watson table,”   named after the discoverer of the structure of DNA, and realized by laminating wood and carbon fiber.

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