no wall is safe

we just installed a wall piece at the san francisco gallery.   here’s a stop-action video showing the process of julie chang applying huge vinyl stencils to the wall, then painting layer after layer of patterns based on central asian textile motifs.

julie grew up in orange county and couldn’t be more all-american.    but her parents, emigrated from china.  their pursuit of the american dream included a suburban ranch-style home, complete with elaborate wallpaper and fancy chandeliers.  julie’s work expresses the view that they attempted to “camouflage” their immigrant status by hiring an interior decorator…

julie uses “traditional” patterns from the region her family comes from as well as “non-indigenous” motifs (anti-depressants, palm trees, tennis rackets, diamond engagement rings, logos from international luxury brands, and tacky chinese-made toys) to critique the meaning of “east meets west” aesthetics.

in this show, julie borrows emblems from a culture she has genetic ties to, but at the same time, she acknowledges that her relationship to that culture is as distant and as without personal connection as any designer accused of cultural colonialism…

the show is up through the 26th of march.

brad olcott made the great video.