i’m attempting to live up to my blue china…

with end-of-summer, roasted tomato soup. this is the time of year…  dry-farmed tomatoes are inexpensive at the farmers’ market.   i roast them with other vegetables for an intense, super-tomato flavor. 10 pounds of… Continue reading

anoka faruqee is raffling a painting to fundraise for barack obama.

donate $5 or more on her fundraising page: https://donate.barackobama.com/page/outreach/view/2012 /anoka between now and october 30 and she’ll enter you to win  2012P-30, an  11 1/4  x 10 1/2 inch acrylic painting on panel… Continue reading

the tea lords by hella s. haasse

the plainness of haasse’s storytelling might lull you into thinking this is a simple narrative and these simple characters.  that would be a misconception.   she describes the life of rudolf kerkhoven, who… Continue reading

curating an opening exhibition

while our new space is gorgeous, a gallery is only as good as the art in it…  an inaugural show is the benchmark, setting your audiences’ expectations.   we couldn’t open with a solo… Continue reading

our new san francisco exhibition space

it was going to take an extraordinary space to replace our beautiful clementina street gallery, but that building was to be demolished to make way for a condo development and we were ready… Continue reading

anoka faruqee has been making

some really interesting paintings that riff on the moiré patterns that develop accidentally in digital processes.  like her past work, the color palette is quirky and really sophisticated. she’s still experimenting with pattern. … Continue reading

paella on the beach

originating in valencia, paella is named for the pan it’s cooked in — the paellera — and was at first made with chicken, rabbit, snails and fresh beans cooked together over an open… Continue reading

a studio visit with julie chang

this dialogue and the photos from julie’s studio came out of the lead-up to her solo exhibition in our new york gallery space… todd hosfelt:   language is really important in your work.   you’ve… Continue reading

great legs

love this table by furniture designer paul loebach.  he calls it “watson table” for the scientist who discovered the structure of DNA.  it also refers to the “barley twist” in traditional english and… Continue reading

shahzia sikander’s photos of buddhist novices in laos

she first saw these young boys in long lines of hundreds of monks, walking through villages, collecting gifts of food.   in that context, with their robes and shaved heads, they were homogenous.   her… Continue reading

moth smoke by mohsin hamid

i loved this book.   the first novel of a pakistani author (who studied writing at princeton under the tutelage of toni morrison and joyce carol oates) is set in lahore during pakistan’s 1998… Continue reading

this is not a chair

ruth marten makes really smart artworks drawing on antique etchings.  i mean that figuratively — in that her work is inspired by the imagery of the old prints she gets in flea markets… Continue reading

a slippery slope

the wool cover on our bertoia diamond chair was 22 years old and getting really ratty.   we composted it and bought a couple of beautiful pewter-colored sheep skins from s. h. frank &… Continue reading

sometimes a great notion

i’ve committed myself to writing a post about the 50 best novels published in the last 50 years…  so i’m scrambling to read everything that’s a contender.  luckily (for this purpose), i spend… Continue reading

an object of desire

an ottoman by christopher kurtz, made of reclaimed first-growth redwood. i love the mass. the weight and bulk made elegant by the hover off the ground. the historical reference to tufted upholstry. the… Continue reading

living with art

i think one of the best experiences you can have when you’re traveling is to get to visit the homes of people who live there.   for me, it’s particularly fun to see… Continue reading

the museum of contemporary art australia

i was in sydney for the opening of the expansion of the museum of contemporary art.   located on circular quay, the museum occupies an imposing art deco (former government) building in the very… Continue reading

design days dubai

there’s a new design fair in dubai, coinciding with the art fair.   my picks… chandeliers in brass and blown glass by jeff zimmerman… and a cut crystal pendant by david wiseman. “fragile future… Continue reading