anoka faruqee has been making

some really interesting paintings that riff on the moiré patterns that develop accidentally in digital processes.  like her past work, the color palette is quirky and really sophisticated.

she’s still experimenting with pattern.  she’s still referring to digital technology.  and she’s still committed to exploring the physicality of paint and the sensuality of the act of painting.   but i’ve never seen anything quite like these…

traditionally, “op-art” (á la vasarely, anuszkiewicz, soto and bridget riley), relies on
strict geometries to create vibrating optical effects.   faruqee’s paintings pulsate, quiver and undulate as well as the best of them…

while maintaining a sense of the organic.

they’re neither formal nor slick.

they’re successful (and original) because of their irregularities of hand and the inherent unruliness of paint.

we’ll be showing 30 of these paintings in our new york gallery from the 5th of october to the 29th of december in a show called:  anoka faruqee: “the sum is greater than its parts”