living with art

i think one of the best experiences you can have when you’re traveling is to get to visit the homes of people who live there.   for me, it’s particularly fun to see the art they collect.   here are some images from australia…

first, a very gracious harbor-side home in sydney.   unfortunately, this was the only photo that turned out.

another great house in sydney.   a remodel of 1920’s/30’s era beach house in balmoral.    like the house above, the boundary between indoors and outdoors is  permeable.

the other side of the same, elegant stair.

this is the country home of an australian gallerist.   she has a great eye.   in the dining room, a video by arlo mountford and sculpture by roxy paine look great against green, velvet-covered walls.

what a pretty living room…

the white painting below is by roxy paine.   love the relationship to the radiator.

this painting is “cockatoo dreaming” by paddy bedford.  the photo is by rosemary laing and the morandi-like grouping of ceramic vessels is by gwyn hanssen pigott.

this collection is more international than the others i saw, but like the others, mixed “contemporary” art with “indigenous” / “aboriginal” art.    that doesn’t happen in the u.s., either in private or museums contexts — a sadly egocentric viewpoint.   a really good painting, is a really good painting, right?

it’s great to see these beautiful paintings treated as artworks, not artifacts.

i’m crazy about these tom dixon pendants.   they’re made by craftspeople in india in the same way as traditional cooking pots.  the hand-beaten brass interiors cast a warm (and flattering) light.

the sculptures in the foreground are by lionel bawden.  i like people who live with art in their kitchen.  they’re people who surround themselves with art because they love it.   they can’t imagine not having art in every space they occupy…