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I’ll bet your relationship to art began with a crayon.

  Remember the smell?  The scratchy sound of the yellow and green cardboard flap folding back in a pixelated-spectrum-reveal?  Which do you choose first?  The joy of that short-lived, sharp-crayon-newness; the fuzziness of… Continue reading

a cunning, punning election day message…

                from william t. wiley: don’t vote to forget!  cause this time it will make since…    

a panel discussion about jay defeo’s exhibition

at hosfelt gallery, with julian cox and veronica roberts, moderated by todd hosfelt:   Todd Hosfelt: Thank you all for coming.  We are so lucky to have two really smart and insightful people… Continue reading

we’re installing an exhibition called JAY DEFEO / ALTER EGO

  here’s a bit about my curatorial vision for the show: When i began considering an exhibition of pairs of related works by Jay DeFeo – twins, if you will – I thought… Continue reading

“the moon,” a new series of drawings from crystal liu.

like all of her work, these use nature as metaphor to explore human emotion.   her inconography of trees, water, rocks, mountains, clouds and the stars and moon recount stories, or maybe it’d be… Continue reading

there couldn’t be more difference

between my current shows on the east and west coasts…   in my emil lukas show in san francisco, i’ve given 5 large and 4 small artworks 3,500 square feet of space.    there… Continue reading

our next show in san francisco

will be chris ballantyne, opening the 30th of january.   using simple, graphic imagery, he describes the edges of american landscape.    places between suburbia and wilderness.   scenes that are almost possible. he’ll make a… Continue reading

we’re about to open a show

of gerhard mayer’s drawings.     i love them.   they’re the perfect example of  infinite variation.  these are hand-made drawings of ink on paper.     they’re made tracing an ellipse and following 7 rules: 1.  the… Continue reading

russell crotty’s studio,

in a beautifully-lit, former 3(maybe 4?) car garage, is in rural lake county, california. here’s an image of russell’s last show at my gallery, consisting of astronomical drawings (both flat and 3-d) like… Continue reading

lordy rodriguez

opened a solo show at the austin museum of art.   “states of america” is the culmination of a 10-year project in which he re-mapped the united states.     each of the 55 maps is… Continue reading

living with art

in the art world, there’s a lot of poo-pooing “decorative” art.    the damning statement “she bought a painting to match her sofa” is delivered with a roll of eyes and/or up-curled lip.  and… Continue reading

baseera khan

i’m in love with a painting i saw last night…   it’s by baseera kahn, a young woman whose parents are from bangalore, india.  baseera grew up in houston.    her experience of india is… Continue reading

ruth marten

ruth marten draws on antique etchings.   literally.  the etchings, often of scientific subjects, are of dubious accuracy.   marten’s interventions further propel the imagery toward the fantastic, though where one leaves off and the… Continue reading

henry darger

the work of the author/artist henry darger was a major influence in curating “vocabularies of metaphor.” born in 1892 and raised in orphanages and the lincoln asylum for feeble-minded children, for most of… Continue reading

yuka yamaguchi

i love yuka yamaguchi’s work.    it’s what frieda khalo would be making if she were alive and japanese.    gorgeously rendered colored pencil (often self) portraits that are seemingly innocent and disarmingly brutal. i’m… Continue reading

more stories…

yelena yemchuk is one of the “discoveries” i’m excited about including in the upcoming exhibition.    born in kiev, she moved with her family to brooklyn when she was 11.     she’s a photographer and… Continue reading

installing 201 drawings

by lordy rodriguez. video by david stroud. Subscribe to toddhosfelt’s Weblog by Email

chris ballantyne show

this is our first show with chris. we’ve been watching his work for several years and are really excited about it. it has the high level of craft that’s common to the work… Continue reading