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Your first encounter with one of Patricia Piccinini’s sculptures is likely to be unnerving.

There’s the initial start at not being alone in a room when you thought you were, followed by confusion as to what exactly it is you’re seeing. Next you’re awestruck. Really, what is… Continue reading

patricia piccinini’s 1st solo show on the west coast

patricia piccinini’s work is often not easy to look at, but it affects us profoundly.   it is grotesque, shocking and disturbing at the same time that it’s poetic, tender, compassionate and beautiful.  … Continue reading

this is not a chair

ruth marten makes really smart artworks drawing on antique etchings.  i mean that figuratively — in that her work is inspired by the imagery of the old prints she gets in flea markets… Continue reading

ruth marten

another drawing-on-eighteenth-century-print by ruth marten.    “oyster” 2008 ink on 18th century engraving, 8×8 inches.

ruth marten

ruth marten draws on antique etchings.   literally.  the etchings, often of scientific subjects, are of dubious accuracy.   marten’s interventions further propel the imagery toward the fantastic, though where one leaves off and the… Continue reading