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running back again

we’ll open a show of stefan kurten’s newest paintings tomorrow.     here’s my read on it: in stefan kürten’s aestheticized architectural images,there is nearly always a reflection:  in a pool, a plate glass window,… Continue reading

i’ve curated a group show about mirrors…

The first mirror — likely a pool of still water — allowed humans to see themselves as others did.  Later came polished surfaces — copper, bronze, silver, pyrite, even stone — though the quality of… Continue reading

i’ve curated a show for the 20th anniversary of the gallery…

i’ll post images and texts of individual works, but first, my curatorial statement. What I’ve Learned So Far I believe that art must surprise and charm, be so beautiful, so mesmerizing, so technically… Continue reading

an interesting commentary on “gesamtkunstwerk,”

the new installation of “youngish” german artists at the saatchi gallery as well as charles saatchi’s endeavors in general —  by jackie wullschlager in the financial times…    near the end of the article… Continue reading

a look back at our clementina street gallery

i opened hosfelt gallery in october 1996 – 15 years ago.  today is the last day in our clementina street gallery in san francisco.  we’ve been here for 13 years.    feeling a… Continue reading

we’re opening our show of artists from düsseldorf

in the new york gallery tonight.    here are some installation shots: an installation by luka fineisen made from artificial hair and an existing skylight. paintings by stefan ettlinger… and jutta haeckel. a “bubble”… Continue reading

why paint?

all contemporary artists owe a lot to the instructors at the kunstakademie düsseldorf —  conceptualists to joseph beuys, photographers to bernd and hilla becher and painters to gerhard richter. richter, in my opinion,… Continue reading

the PULSE fair opens today…

a few views of our booth: a self-portrait (with dianne) in an etched, convex mirror by marco maggi. work by emil lukas, russell crotty, driss ouadahi, jim campbell and marco maggi. two cut… Continue reading

the stefan kürten painting

we’re taking to PULSE in new york, that i showed you in process, now completed:

stefan kürten’s studio

is an enormous space with floor-to-ceiling windows in an industrial part of town. a wall of the small ink on paper paintings that stefan has recently been working on, and one of them… Continue reading

i’m in düsseldorf doing studio visits…

first, with driss ouadahi, who’ll have a solo show in the new york gallery next fall.  driss, with a painting at an early stage: a new development — there’s some really beautiful charcoal… Continue reading

stefan kürten

the paintings for stefan kürten’s show arrived today.    from our press release about the show: Stefan Kürten’s subject matter comes from his own photographs of the places he grew up or has traveled… Continue reading

more art where people live…

paintings on paper by julie chang. the painting over the fireplace is stefan kurten.    the piece to the left is a light box by alfredo jaar.   too bad no one thought about plugging… Continue reading

aqua wynwood fair

here are some shots (i-phone quality) of our booth… driss ouadahi, timothy horn, henry darger… rachell sumpter and gideon rubin to the left of hte entry.    marco maggi in the booth (with glimpses… Continue reading