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dianne was talking with tim hawkinson

about the installation of his exhibition garden variety… dianne dec: The installation has gone through a number of changes since you’ve been here – what are you most surprised about? tim hawkinson: I… Continue reading

curating an opening exhibition

while our new space is gorgeous, a gallery is only as good as the art in it…  an inaugural show is the benchmark, setting your audiences’ expectations.   we couldn’t open with a solo… Continue reading

our new gallery space in san francisco

8,900 sq feet of natural light in a former door factory…   incredible scale, light  and ceiling height. it’s near the california college of the art’s san francisco campus,  has plentiful parking, is proximite… Continue reading

“exploded view (birds)” by jim campbell

from our current show in the san francisco gallery: “exploded view (birds)” 2010 custom electronics, 1152 LEDs , steel and wire 46 x 72 x 38 inches

our next show in san francisco

will be chris ballantyne, opening the 30th of january.   using simple, graphic imagery, he describes the edges of american landscape.    places between suburbia and wilderness.   scenes that are almost possible. he’ll make a… Continue reading