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patricia piccinini’s 1st solo show on the west coast

patricia piccinini’s work is often not easy to look at, but it affects us profoundly.   it is grotesque, shocking and disturbing at the same time that it’s poetic, tender, compassionate and beautiful.  … Continue reading

i’ve been working

on an exhibition of jay defeo’s work for the last six months (actually, i started working on it in september of 2005 when i first visited the storage facility for jay defeo trust).  … Continue reading

the last images (i promise) that i’ll post

of the “wall drawing” show: above:   wendy hough’s chalk on black paint drawing  on the left, and gerhard mayer’s printed on vinyl and applied to the wall.       below:  sol lewitt and wendy hough.… Continue reading

a few more images

from the installation of our “wall drawing” show: marietta hoferer, a german artist living in new york, is known for her process-based works on paper made with packing tape.     with uncharacteristically exuberant color,… Continue reading

marco maggi

just finished installing his show “cubic drops”  in our san francisco gallery.  it’s genius.   there’s a wealth of his masterful drawings —  in graphite and on aluminum foil and scratched into plexiglass.   there’s… Continue reading