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a cunning, punning election day message…

                from william t. wiley: don’t vote to forget!  cause this time it will make since…    

ruth marten

ruth marten draws on antique etchings.   literally.  the etchings, often of scientific subjects, are of dubious accuracy.   marten’s interventions further propel the imagery toward the fantastic, though where one leaves off and the… Continue reading

henry darger

the work of the author/artist henry darger was a major influence in curating “vocabularies of metaphor.” born in 1892 and raised in orphanages and the lincoln asylum for feeble-minded children, for most of… Continue reading

yuka yamaguchi

i love yuka yamaguchi’s work.    it’s what frieda khalo would be making if she were alive and japanese.    gorgeously rendered colored pencil (often self) portraits that are seemingly innocent and disarmingly brutal. i’m… Continue reading

more stories

i’m working on a group show called “vocabularies of metaphor:  more stories” that will open in our san francisco gallery after labor day.   it’s an exhibition of works on paper by fifteen international… Continue reading

story telling

i’m working on a series of group exhibitions. the art will be paintings or drawings on paper. and narrative — not illustrative — the stories are original to the artists. the narratives are… Continue reading