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i’ve curated a group show about mirrors…

The first mirror — likely a pool of still water — allowed humans to see themselves as others did.  Later came polished surfaces — copper, bronze, silver, pyrite, even stone — though the quality of… Continue reading

in “brancusi,”

liliana porter juxtaposes incongruous objects, heavy with references to art history, in a witty and formally simple — but masterfully complex — play on the existential conundrum: which came first, the chicken or… Continue reading

“holding it together”

is a show i’ve curated about assemblage and collage.  in art vernacular, an assemblage (pronounced a-ˌsäm-ˈbläj) or collage is made by putting together preexisting things that weren’t intended to go together and usually… Continue reading

liliana porter – “man with axe”

we have a show of liliana porter’s newest work at our gallery in new york.   the  centerpiece is a sculptural installation called “man with an axe” in which a man in a suit… Continue reading

something i never do in the gallery…

is hang salon-style.    i have a well-earned reputation as a give-every-work-of art-the-space-it-needs kind of guy.  i’m the only gallerist i know who regularly leaves a couple (or more) of the walls of the… Continue reading

i’m in mexico city

for liliana porter’s exhibition at museo tamayo de arte contemporaneo http://www.museotamayo.org.   the museum was mexican painter rufino tamayo’s gift to the mexican people.    designed by teodoro gonzalez de leon and built in  1981… Continue reading

aqua wynwood fair

here are some shots (i-phone quality) of our booth… driss ouadahi, timothy horn, henry darger… rachell sumpter and gideon rubin to the left of hte entry.    marco maggi in the booth (with glimpses… Continue reading

studio visit with liliana porter

celene and i took the train up to visit liliana porter’s studio yesterday.    liliana will have a show in our new york gallery opening the 30th of october.   so far, all we’d… Continue reading

living with art

in the art world, there’s a lot of poo-pooing “decorative” art.    the damning statement “she bought a painting to match her sofa” is delivered with a roll of eyes and/or up-curled lip.  and… Continue reading

more stories

i’m working on a group show called “vocabularies of metaphor:  more stories” that will open in our san francisco gallery after labor day.   it’s an exhibition of works on paper by fifteen international… Continue reading

“triple disguise”

liliana porter, “triple disguise” (detail) 2008,   graphite drawing and collage on paper, 20 x 20 inches.

madrid – nouvel’s reina sophia/espacio minimo/churros y chocolate/color red

the atrium of jean nouvel’s new reina sophia… and a view of the outside from the street… we checked out espacio minimo — the gallery that shows liliana porter in spain — a… Continue reading