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I’ll bet your relationship to art began with a crayon.

  Remember the smell?  The scratchy sound of the yellow and green cardboard flap folding back in a pixelated-spectrum-reveal?  Which do you choose first?  The joy of that short-lived, sharp-crayon-newness; the fuzziness of… Continue reading

patricia piccinini’s 1st solo show on the west coast

patricia piccinini’s work is often not easy to look at, but it affects us profoundly.   it is grotesque, shocking and disturbing at the same time that it’s poetic, tender, compassionate and beautiful.  … Continue reading

we’re installing an exhibition called JAY DEFEO / ALTER EGO

  here’s a bit about my curatorial vision for the show: When i began considering an exhibition of pairs of related works by Jay DeFeo – twins, if you will – I thought… Continue reading

andrew schoultz is ripping up his drawings…

      and working like crazy on what will be a spectacular installation…   opening here on saturday.          

“the moon,” a new series of drawings from crystal liu.

like all of her work, these use nature as metaphor to explore human emotion.   her inconography of trees, water, rocks, mountains, clouds and the stars and moon recount stories, or maybe it’d be… Continue reading

a studio visit with william t. wiley,

in preparation for his first solo show at hosfelt gallery. visiting wiley’s studio is like going into a dark room after being in bright sunlight — your eyes need to adjust to the… Continue reading

this is not a chair

ruth marten makes really smart artworks drawing on antique etchings.  i mean that figuratively — in that her work is inspired by the imagery of the old prints she gets in flea markets… Continue reading

emil lukas

criss-crossed thread is stretched over box-like forms.  accumulating, the colored lines create glowing fields.   complex color fields shimmer and shift as ambient light changes. they refer to looms and weaving, stringed musical… Continue reading

a nice bit of domestic curating…

a friend has done a beautiful installation in his library, juxtaposing lordy rodriguez’s “topographical” drawings with ken price sculptures. the biomorphic forms and bright colors have a nice foil in the steel shelving.

studio visit with lordy rodriguez…

lordy rodriguez makes drawings —  ink on paper. they’re based on map making.   but are more about lordy’s interpretation of the world than they are about real places.   his workspace: sketches tacked… Continue reading

we’re about to open a show

of gerhard mayer’s drawings.     i love them.   they’re the perfect example of  infinite variation.  these are hand-made drawings of ink on paper.     they’re made tracing an ellipse and following 7 rules: 1.  the… Continue reading

marco maggi

just finished installing his show “cubic drops”  in our san francisco gallery.  it’s genius.   there’s a wealth of his masterful drawings —  in graphite and on aluminum foil and scratched into plexiglass.   there’s… Continue reading

studio visit with liliana porter

celene and i took the train up to visit liliana porter’s studio yesterday.    liliana will have a show in our new york gallery opening the 30th of october.   so far, all we’d… Continue reading

ruth marten

another drawing-on-eighteenth-century-print by ruth marten.    “oyster” 2008 ink on 18th century engraving, 8×8 inches.

living with art

in the art world, there’s a lot of poo-pooing “decorative” art.    the damning statement “she bought a painting to match her sofa” is delivered with a roll of eyes and/or up-curled lip.  and… Continue reading

yuka yamaguchi

i love yuka yamaguchi’s work.    it’s what frieda khalo would be making if she were alive and japanese.    gorgeously rendered colored pencil (often self) portraits that are seemingly innocent and disarmingly brutal. i’m… Continue reading

more stories

i’m working on a group show called “vocabularies of metaphor:  more stories” that will open in our san francisco gallery after labor day.   it’s an exhibition of works on paper by fifteen international… Continue reading

“triple disguise”

liliana porter, “triple disguise” (detail) 2008,   graphite drawing and collage on paper, 20 x 20 inches.