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i’ve curated a show for the 20th anniversary of the gallery…

i’ll post images and texts of individual works, but first, my curatorial statement. What I’ve Learned So Far I believe that art must surprise and charm, be so beautiful, so mesmerizing, so technically… Continue reading

dianne was talking with tim hawkinson

about the installation of his exhibition garden variety… dianne dec: The installation has gone through a number of changes since you’ve been here – what are you most surprised about? tim hawkinson: I… Continue reading

a cunning, punning election day message…

                from william t. wiley: don’t vote to forget!  cause this time it will make since…    

studio visit with alan rath

this conversation with alan rath took place at his studio ahead of his solo exhibition irrational exuberance. th:   this show seems like a turning point in your work.   there are no screens.   no… Continue reading

curating an opening exhibition

while our new space is gorgeous, a gallery is only as good as the art in it…  an inaugural show is the benchmark, setting your audiences’ expectations.   we couldn’t open with a solo… Continue reading

i believe

that art is transformative.  art should make you think, feel, contemplate.  it provides you with an opportunity to view your world from a different perspective.   living with art, however you do it,  is… Continue reading

there couldn’t be more difference

between my current shows on the east and west coasts…   in my emil lukas show in san francisco, i’ve given 5 large and 4 small artworks 3,500 square feet of space.    there… Continue reading

i did a studio visit today

that led to a conversation about the human need to create…   i remembered when i was a kid, maybe 10, seeing a documentary on poverty in america.    a woman featured in it… Continue reading

more art where people live…

paintings on paper by julie chang. the painting over the fireplace is stefan kurten.    the piece to the left is a light box by alfredo jaar.   too bad no one thought about plugging… Continue reading

“triple disguise”

liliana porter, “triple disguise” (detail) 2008,   graphite drawing and collage on paper, 20 x 20 inches.

sweet thing

“sweet thing” 2008, nickel-plated bronze and blown and mirrored glass, 60x44x9 inches a new work by australian artist timothy horn, made for his upcoming project at san francisco’s herzog & de meuron designed… Continue reading

chris ballantyne show

this is our first show with chris. we’ve been watching his work for several years and are really excited about it. it has the high level of craft that’s common to the work… Continue reading


by timothy horn (2008) nickel-plated bronze & blown and mirrored glass 47x28x9 inches


my friend phil convinced me that i should have a blog. or sort of convinced me. so i’m going to try… i have contemporary international art galleries in san francisco and new york.… Continue reading