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talking with jutta haeckel about her exhibition

  Todd Hosfelt:    can we begin by talking about abstraction and representation and how you’re thinking about them? Jutta Haeckel:   My goal, not only with the work for this show, but with all… Continue reading

anoka faruqee is raffling a painting to fundraise for barack obama.

donate $5 or more on her fundraising page: https://donate.barackobama.com/page/outreach/view/2012 /anoka between now and october 30 and she’ll enter you to win  2012P-30, an  11 1/4  x 10 1/2 inch acrylic painting on panel… Continue reading

curating an opening exhibition

while our new space is gorgeous, a gallery is only as good as the art in it…  an inaugural show is the benchmark, setting your audiences’ expectations.   we couldn’t open with a solo… Continue reading

anoka faruqee has been making

some really interesting paintings that riff on the moiré patterns that develop accidentally in digital processes.  like her past work, the color palette is quirky and really sophisticated. she’s still experimenting with pattern. … Continue reading

andrea higgins’ painting “dorian”

completed (see entry 28 march) in time for a thematic exhibition at the gallery called “summer reading.”     this diptych is a “portrait” of dorian gray based on oscar wilde’s novel “the picture… Continue reading

studio visit with andrea higgins

this is a portrait of first lady pat nixon by andrea higgins. several years ago, higgins became interested in representing people by painting textiles from their wardrobes. fabrics are fundamental to the aesthetics… Continue reading

thomas nozkowski

i went to see the show “recent (made in the course of the last three years) paintings” at pace yesterday. i’ve known his work for years and probably would have missed the show… Continue reading