hudsucker proxy

we netflikt the 1994 coen brothers comedy last night.    a swell film.    gorgeous visuals.    great performances by tim robbins (the well-meaning hick plucked from the mail room to be ceo of  a… Continue reading

peter schjeldahl on jeff koons

in the june 9/16 new yorker is brilliant.    dianne is right —  he’s the best art writer out there.   reveiwing the koons retrospective at the museum of contemporary art in chicago he succinctly… Continue reading

what i did on my summer vacation…

studio of jutta haeckel in düsseldorf

jutta haeckel paints in a completely original way…    bet that got your attention…      and while much of her methodology is known to printmakers, her technique and concept are intertwined in a way… Continue reading

a chandelier you’ll love

everyone flips over the chandelier in my new york apartment…    the structure was designed by two swedish architects – Gunnar Cedervall and Björn Stillefors – and is marketed by a design company in… Continue reading

“triple disguise”

liliana porter, “triple disguise” (detail) 2008,   graphite drawing and collage on paper, 20 x 20 inches.

andrea higgins’ painting “dorian”

completed (see entry 28 march) in time for a thematic exhibition at the gallery called “summer reading.”     this diptych is a “portrait” of dorian gray based on oscar wilde’s novel “the picture… Continue reading

timothy horn opening at the de young museum

timothy horn’s project, “bitter suite” opened at the de young last night. it is awesome. it’s up until 12 october.

jim campbell at the berkeley art museum

this recently-acquired piece by jim campbell is now on display at the berkeley art museum: jim campbell is an m.i.t.-educated engineer who makes artwork that deals with information — the way it is… Continue reading

a great table

designed by san francisco-based architect, louis schump, in american walnut.


i watched the mini-series when i was 21 and was much influenced. oxford. the clothes. the 20’s. boys in love. mind blowing. i just read the novel for the first time (see my… Continue reading

the life before her eyes

a film by vadim perelman starring uma thurman, evan rachel wood and eva amurri (daughter of susan sarandon). as if i needed another reason to not read the san francisco chronicle… we wasted… Continue reading

installing 201 drawings

by lordy rodriguez. video by david stroud. Subscribe to toddhosfelt’s Weblog by Email

studio visit with andrea higgins

this is a portrait of first lady pat nixon by andrea higgins. several years ago, higgins became interested in representing people by painting textiles from their wardrobes. fabrics are fundamental to the aesthetics… Continue reading

thomas nozkowski

i went to see the show “recent (made in the course of the last three years) paintings” at pace yesterday. i’ve known his work for years and probably would have missed the show… Continue reading


by timothy horn is based on 19th-century zoologist ernst haeckle’s illustrations of jellyfish. horn’s massive rubber chandelier refers to the history of ornamentation based on nature and the mythological gorgon. it is extraordinarily… Continue reading

sweet thing

“sweet thing” 2008, nickel-plated bronze and blown and mirrored glass, 60x44x9 inches a new work by australian artist timothy horn, made for his upcoming project at san francisco’s herzog & de meuron designed… Continue reading

from the studio of driss oudahi in dusseldorf…

driss oudahi “fences” 2008 oil on canvas, 67×71 inches “fences” (detail) “signs of life” 2008 oil on canvas 70×87 inches “guardian of the night” 2008 oil on canvas 70×87 inches a recent review… Continue reading