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the museum insel hombroich

outside düsseldorf, germany may be the most successful venue for exhibiting art that i’ve experienced.  in 1982, the collector karl-heinrich müller bought an 18th-century house on a large property in order display the… Continue reading

i stumbled onto a blog

that i like quite a lot – – a collection of landscape, architecture and art images.  mostly, the images aren’t original.    there’s very little text and what’s there isn’t really critical.   but… Continue reading

michael pollan’s book, “the botany of desire”

has been on my stack for about 7 years.  i dutifully read pollan’s articles in the new york times magazine, but when it came to reading an entire book, there were just too… Continue reading

the first phase of the highline

opened a few days ago.   wow!    the highline is an elevated freight train track that was originally built in the 1930’s to alleviate the danger of trains running on tracks at street-level on… Continue reading

aqua forest aquarium

we stumbled onto this amazing store on fillmore street.   this is so not the tropical aquarium my parents got me (and subsequently maintained for the next ten years) for my fifth birthday…    these… Continue reading