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netflix streaming

several friends have complained that there isn’t anything good to watch on netflix streaming.    it’s true that the selection is limited, but here’s a list of 55 films worth watching (or re-watching): 1. … Continue reading

secretly, david has been writing a blog…

thoughtful musings on exhibitions and artworks and their place in art and social history.    ruminations on the de young’s 2010 shows “the birth of impressionism” and  “post-impressionist masterpieces” curated  from the collection… Continue reading

“das experiment” is the scariest movie i have ever seen.

and that’s without a single serial killer, mutant virus, alien, zombie or even dick cheney.   it’s a fantastic film by german director oliver hirschbiegel based on a novel by mario giordano called “black… Continue reading

slumdog millionaire

is the best film of 2008.   jay has been resisting the buzz around it.    the advertised premises of the movie – “a poor kid gets rich” and “it’s about love, not the money”… Continue reading

goya’s ghosts

it took me a while to figure out what was wrong with “goya’s ghosts.”   it’s a “sweeping” historical film (released in 2007) about spain in late eighteenth / early nineteenth century that is… Continue reading

jim campbell at the berkeley art museum

this recently-acquired piece by jim campbell is now on display at the berkeley art museum: jim campbell is an m.i.t.-educated engineer who makes artwork that deals with information — the way it is… Continue reading


i watched the mini-series when i was 21 and was much influenced. oxford. the clothes. the 20’s. boys in love. mind blowing. i just read the novel for the first time (see my… Continue reading

the life before her eyes

a film by vadim perelman starring uma thurman, evan rachel wood and eva amurri (daughter of susan sarandon). as if i needed another reason to not read the san francisco chronicle… we wasted… Continue reading