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our booth at PULSE in miami

  the dust has settled on what was our best art fair ever.   here’s a look at our booth: one of emil lukas’ “larvae” paintings (made using fly larvae to drag pigment… Continue reading

living with art

i think one of the best experiences you can have when you’re traveling is to get to visit the homes of people who live there.   for me, it’s particularly fun to see… Continue reading

i’ve been working

on an exhibition of jay defeo’s work for the last six months (actually, i started working on it in september of 2005 when i first visited the storage facility for jay defeo trust).  … Continue reading

milan’s design fair

i had dinner night before last with a friend who’d just come back from covering the design fairs in milan.   sounded like fun to me (and probably you), but for her, it was… Continue reading

a nice bit of domestic curating…

a friend has done a beautiful installation in his library, juxtaposing lordy rodriguez’s “topographical” drawings with ken price sculptures. the biomorphic forms and bright colors have a nice foil in the steel shelving.

an object of desire…

i want this table. the legs are bronze, the top is wood with gold leaf.   the first time i saw one was at a party at an art collector’s home in köln.    i… Continue reading

something i never do in the gallery…

is hang salon-style.    i have a well-earned reputation as a give-every-work-of art-the-space-it-needs kind of guy.  i’m the only gallerist i know who regularly leaves a couple (or more) of the walls of the… Continue reading

some friends of mine built a house for their art.

don’t get me wrong, they live there too.  and it’s a very livable house.    but the house was designed to showcase a large collection of contemporary art made by women. its organized… Continue reading

the museum insel hombroich

outside düsseldorf, germany may be the most successful venue for exhibiting art that i’ve experienced.  in 1982, the collector karl-heinrich müller bought an 18th-century house on a large property in order display the… Continue reading


it’s the first week in december, so  i must be back in miami for the art fairs.  boy, what a difference a year makes.   this time last year looked like the end of… Continue reading

parikrama humanity foundation

a friend of mine works with an organization that is attempting to alleviate the cycle of poverty in india by giving the very poorest children access to first-rate education.    parikrma humanity foundation currently… Continue reading

people are always asking me about insurance for their art.

do they need it?    there was a flow chart in the september art + auction that purports to answer that question by asking 4 questions.   their recommendation, sullied with my opinions follows: 1. … Continue reading

i want this painting

it’s by baseera khan.    a painting on paper, ink and acrylic and graphite on paper, that’ll be in her show – “reductive histories” –  that will open in my san francisco gallery tomorrow,… Continue reading

when i can’t sleep…

i do things like arrange the kitchen cabinets by color… Subscribe to toddhosfelt’s Weblog by Email

more art where people live…

paintings on paper by julie chang. the painting over the fireplace is stefan kurten.    the piece to the left is a light box by alfredo jaar.   too bad no one thought about plugging… Continue reading

our aluminum tree

is vintage 1967.     the ornaments are flea market finds.   vintage = recycling.   no fresh pine smell, but no fuel used in trucking it.    and no landfill filled.    happy holidays!

thanksgiving dinner

jane asked how i cook my thanksgiving turkey…   my recipe is a hybrid of the high-heat recipe that was in the new york times a few years ago and more standard recipes… Continue reading


i’ve never believed you could be a good art dealer without being a collector. jeanne always says she doesn’t trust a collector who isn’t a foodie. it’s the same thing, all about obsession…… Continue reading