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david stroud

made these pictures in tahoe last week. Advertisements

“the confessions of lady nijo,”

written sometime after 1307 by a 50-year-old woman of aristocratic birth who served at the japanese imperial court and was, from the age of 14, a mistress of the retired emperor gofukakusa, is… Continue reading

“the sacred book of the werewolf” by victor pelevin

this is a very weird book.  i’d been hearing pelevin (russian, b. 1962) called one of the most important “post soviet” voices for a while.   then i  read a  (not very well-written)… Continue reading

studio visit with liliana porter

celene and i took the train up to visit liliana porter’s studio yesterday.    liliana will have a show in our new york gallery opening the 30th of october.   so far, all we’d… Continue reading

installing at the california academy of sciences…

preparing for visitors as seen by richard barnes: the biosphere: the dioramas: all images are copyrighted by richard barnes and may not be reproduced in any way without permisssion.

“100 stories”

a photograph by crystal liu from her exhibit that will open in new york on the 10th of april. “i wanted to make this photo of wallpaper. before i moved into the room… Continue reading

michael light

some images from michael light to go with my comments on “the road” by cormack mccarthy (see “what i’ve been reading”) michael light, “pinto basin at 500′” from “some dry space” michael light,… Continue reading