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a studio visit with william t. wiley,

in preparation for his first solo show at hosfelt gallery. visiting wiley’s studio is like going into a dark room after being in bright sunlight — your eyes need to adjust to the… Continue reading

anoka faruqee has been making

some really interesting paintings that riff on the moiré patterns that develop accidentally in digital processes.  like her past work, the color palette is quirky and really sophisticated. she’s still experimenting with pattern. … Continue reading

a studio visit with julie chang

this dialogue and the photos from julie’s studio came out of the lead-up to her solo exhibition in our new york gallery space… todd hosfelt:   language is really important in your work.   you’ve… Continue reading

an object of desire

an ottoman by christopher kurtz, made of reclaimed first-growth redwood. i love the mass. the weight and bulk made elegant by the hover off the ground. the historical reference to tufted upholstry. the… Continue reading

luka fineisen

  this e-mail dialogue with luka fineisen took place over many weeks as we prepared for her solo exhibition in our new york gallery.    i’ve spared you the construction and shipping logistics… TH: … Continue reading

an interview with jutta haeckel…

something like a long-distance, digital studio visit… Todd Hosfelt:  the process in which you work is related to print making, but seems to me to be unique in painting,  would you explain it?… Continue reading

emil lukas

criss-crossed thread is stretched over box-like forms.  accumulating, the colored lines create glowing fields.   complex color fields shimmer and shift as ambient light changes. they refer to looms and weaving, stringed musical… Continue reading

studio visit with lordy rodriguez…

lordy rodriguez makes drawings —  ink on paper. they’re based on map making.   but are more about lordy’s interpretation of the world than they are about real places.   his workspace: sketches tacked… Continue reading

birgit jensen

is another of the artists from düsseldorf  whose work i’m really excited about showing this autumn. “sagarmatha” 2010  oil on linen 79×55 inches detail: a few years ago, at madrid’s enormous art fair,… Continue reading

i was in driss ouadahi’s studio

in düsseldorf working on his upcoming show and the catalog we’re publishing to go with it. driss is algerian of berber descent who immigrated to europe to study with michael buthe at the… Continue reading

i was in düsseldorf doing studio visits again…

i’m going out on a limb and asserting that the kunstakademie in düsseldorf (founded 1762) is the most influential training ground for artists in the world.    the list of artists associated with the… Continue reading

the stefan kürten painting

we’re taking to PULSE in new york, that i showed you in process, now completed:

stefan kürten’s studio

is an enormous space with floor-to-ceiling windows in an industrial part of town. a wall of the small ink on paper paintings that stefan has recently been working on, and one of them… Continue reading

surprising and delightful

sculptures in susanne schmidt’s studio — are not, in fact, blown glass, but recycled plastic…

i’m in düsseldorf doing studio visits…

first, with driss ouadahi, who’ll have a solo show in the new york gallery next fall.  driss, with a painting at an early stage: a new development — there’s some really beautiful charcoal… Continue reading

russell crotty’s studio,

in a beautifully-lit, former 3(maybe 4?) car garage, is in rural lake county, california. here’s an image of russell’s last show at my gallery, consisting of astronomical drawings (both flat and 3-d) like… Continue reading

new work

by crystal liu.    one of the things i love about my work is seeing artistic process.     this is an image from an idea crystal liu is exploring… Subscribe to toddhosfelt’s Weblog by Email

i did a studio visit today

that led to a conversation about the human need to create…   i remembered when i was a kid, maybe 10, seeing a documentary on poverty in america.    a woman featured in it… Continue reading