an interesting commentary on “gesamtkunstwerk,”

the new installation of “youngish” german artists at the saatchi gallery as well as charles saatchi’s endeavors in general —  by jackie wullschlager in the financial times…    near the end of the article she says:

The best paintings here are Stefan Kürten’s singular, intricate modernist interiors overgrown with plants turned savage, monstrous: the Bauhaus jungle of “Silence”, dizzying spatial patterns of brick, ironwork, greenery in “The Handsome Family”. In the 1980s, Kürten studied at Düsseldorf Kunstakademie, then the stronghold of conceptual photographers Bernd and Hilla Becher. Their hallmarks – rigorous formality, insistence on detail yet detachment, concern for architectural subjects, nostalgia – evident in the oeuvres of star photography alumni such as Andreas Gursky, Thomas Struth or Candida Höfer, also shape Kürten’s coolly ornamental paintings; his motifs of modernist decay, meanwhile, link him to Genzken.

here’s the entire article: