a look back at our clementina street gallery

i opened hosfelt gallery in october 1996 – 15 years ago.  today is the last day in our clementina street gallery in san francisco.  we’ve been here for 13 years.    feeling a bit nostalgic…     so posting some images of the exhibition spaces and installations there.

the space was designed by anne fougeron.    for those of you who’ve not visited the gallery, the first is an image of the front door with a view of alfredo jaar’s project “it is difficult” from 2001.  the back-lit glass entry at night…

a show of john o’reilly’s photo montages, shortly after we opened the space in february of 1998.

a cycle of paintings by julie chang we exhibited in 2008, based on the tradition of buddhist “ox-herding pictures” describing the path to enlightenment:

with an installation of her acrylic “chandelier” sculptures:

marco maggi has done 5 solo shows in our clementina space.    these images are from “Profiles:  the Ted Turner Catalog (from CNN to DNA)” in 2006.

marco is the only artist who gets free reign laying out his shows.    he uses the architecture even better than i do.

stefan kürten has also had 5 shows with us.    this is his installation “darker with the day” from 2001.

brad brown.  nothing on the walls.   the gallery is filled with simple wooden tables.

on them, nearly a thousand 6×6 inch works on paper…

the second of five exhibitions of  russell crotty’s work – this one in the spring of 2002.   his globes are ink and watercolor on paper that’s been mounted on an acrylic sphere.   they float somewhere between drawing and sculpture.

we’ve done 6 shows with michael light.   here, his “100 suns” exhibition of photographs of nuclear test explosions (2006):

100 photos!   the narrative began in black and white, then moved into full-on color.

a 2007 show of mike’s large-scaled, hand-made books of aerial photography.     the books are displayed on re-purposed, vintage movie camera tripods.

jim campbell’s “home movies” installation (now in the collection of the berkeley art museum) in 2007.

from the edge:

being installed:

200 map-based drawings by lordy rodriguez:

sometimes i’m a bit too hands-on…

a link to a clever video of the installation that david put together:  https://toddhosfelt.wordpress.com/2008/05/08/installing-201-drawings/

thematic group shows are a big part of the program.   this one about pattern used conceptually.   in this shot,  works by anoka faruqee, dorothy napangardi and julie chang:

viewed between two julie chang “scrolls” painted on paper, paintings by jeremy stenger and driss ouadahi:

and a show about abstract painting that dianne curated in 2000 (works by susie rosmarin, clay ketter and little paintings by jordan tinker.

juxtaposing greg rose’s stylized landscape paintings with ming dynasty scholars’ stones (2002).

september/october 2009, a group show of narrative works on paper:

works by shahzia sikander and henry darger.

our final show in this space — jay defeo.

i love the way this gallery design allows me to create views between rooms, revealing relationships between works.

we’ll be announcing the location and details of our next space in the next few weeks.   a new chapter…