marco maggi in bogota

marco has installed an exhibition at NC-arte, an art foundation in bogota, colombia.

called “radical optimism,” it begins in the atrium with a 10 meter column, wrapped in yellow post-its, then spreads across the floor in stacks of paper.

reams and reams of paper…

the arranged stacks create paths.   a labyrinth.   or the foundation of a city.   unbuilt?  or long decayed?

maggi:  “when i understand: i talk, when i understand less: i write; when i don’t understand: i draw or cut small pieces of paper.”

“my only goal is to make time visible in a world where paying attention turns out to be shocking and delicacy is considered a subversive activity.”

the exhibition is on view at NC-arte foundation, carrera 5 no. 26b-77, la macarena, bogota, d.c., 22 october – 17 december 2011.

photographs by diego uribe.