the most fun part

of an art fair is the people watching…    here’s a sampling of shoes in miami…

noteworthy seams:

a very cute couple:

no big surprise – there were a lot of sandals:

but a surprising number of boots (for the climate):

“don’t miss the cool heel!”

and some that managed to be sandal and boot:

with or without heels…

these shoes are allegedly “vegan”  (meaning, i think, that no animal products were used to produce them) –  by stella mccartney…

jimmy choo’s…

some gents:

they were giving these away at an event in the design district:

all day on your feet (on concrete) – flats make sense:

these were the hands-down most seen shoe (on women):

but there were A LOT of impressive heel heights:

and sparkle:

these were pretty:

and these by a young colombian designer (the brand is called zapatos 2)

this just barely scratches the surface.    there were some really good ones i missed (i was working, after all), and god only knows what i didn’t see…

special thanks to annie, lala and dianne, my partners in shoe spotting and shooting crime.