i’ve been looking and thinking

about jay defeo’s work a lot lately…   an untitled photo from 1973 that i’m particularly drawn to…

it’s an image she took, in her studio, of a cast that had been removed from her dog’s leg.  it’s austere and formal and illustrates her fascination with geometric forms (the triangle the string describes) and material and texture.   it’s gritty.  and  a little gross.  it’s telling — any object could be part of her art.   and terribly poetic, i think.  an image of something that had been a part of the body of a loved companion.    something that should have been discarded, but she felt compelled to hold on to.   first as an object, then as an image.

this image may not be reproduced in any form without permission of the jay defeo trust.  copyright 2010, the jay defeo trust/artists rights society/ars, new york.