some friends of mine built a house for their art.

don’t get me wrong, they live there too.  and it’s a very livable house.    but the house was designed to showcase a large collection of contemporary art made by women.

its organized around an elegant steel staircase that connects the floors as well as bringing natural light into the center of the building.

nice details:

annette messager in the stair

and an andrea higgins in the master bedroom.


seating areas in the study:

life imitates art in the dressing area:

sculpture in the guest bath…

throughout the house, artwork is hung in unexpected, sometimes quirky places.  it’s not unheard of to hang a powder room chock-full of fantastic artworks, like these by louise bourgeois and julie mehertu,

but a painting in the laundry room?

this is a gorgeous house — thoughtful and interesting architecture by ogrydziak/prillinger architects of san francisco.   but the thing that impresses me most is how completely these people live with their artwork.   and how much more comfortable this house is than most residences designed to showcase a collection.

the ground floor of the building houses a gallery where they curate rotating exhibitions from their collection.   a couple of views: