more mark making

on my walls.     the second sol lewitt piece is “wall drawing131”   1972 “straight lines of random length and direction, each drawn from the end of a previous line. they may cross.”   drawn in black pencil.   first installed at the rochester museum.

so you begin at a point…

and move across the wall.      then move back and forth across the wall filling the drawing in until it reaches a density that feels right.  unlike the first piece we installed, this piece gives a lot of latitude to the installer.    and at the hands of each of the trained artists who make lewitt’s work, the piece  will take on a different character.

even i made a few lines:

from a distance, the finished piece looks like this:

up close, it looks like this:

i love the way the piece isn’t visible when you first enter the gallery.    then it reveals itself.    once you become aware of it, the piece is monumental.