i’m in düsseldorf doing studio visits…

first, with driss ouadahi, who’ll have a solo show in the new york gallery next fall.  driss, with a painting at an early stage:

a new development — there’s some really beautiful charcoal work in several of these paintings — which you can see in a detail of the above painting:

and interesting manipulation of space and perspective:

driss is a fantastic painter.

an unfinished watercolor:

the studios here are kind of amazing — spacious.  light-filled.   driss’s studio is in an old school:

my second studio visit was with bernard lokai.

a few individual panels from the (single) piece above:

as stefan said, it’s nice to see someone who’s not afraid of color…

and who plays so well with the line between abstraction and representation…

his larger, single canvas abstract works are gorgeous.    complex spatially — almost sculptural.    technically, owing a lot to his teacher, gerhard richter, but his own thing.

as helen will tell you, yellow is my least favorite color —  and i still love these paintings…

can’t you just almost smell the oil paint?!