i stumbled onto a blog

that i like quite a lot – vulgare.net – a collection of landscape, architecture and art images.  mostly, the images aren’t original.    there’s very little text and what’s there isn’t really critical.   but the images are well-curated.    some of my favorite things are illustrated – carlo scarpa’s brion-vega cemetary, derek jarman’s prospect cottage, the high line in chelsea (https://toddhosfelt.wordpress.com/2009/06/22/the-first-phase-of-the-highline/), piet oudolf’s work.

and there were some delightful discoveries –

helmut smits’ “street fountain” 2002 (an intervention in an existing pot hole):


and vesting bourtange:

http://www.bourtange.nl/site/index.php (wish i read dutch)

mineo mizuno’s beautiful ceramic and moss sculptures:


helmut dick’s “lettuce field as big as a sky-scraper building” 2001


this is a blog that’s worth getting sucked into.   check it out.