it’s the first week in december, so  i must be back in miami for the art fairs.  boy, what a difference a year makes.   this time last year looked like the end of the world.   the galleries accustomed to selling their booths out opening night found they’d sold little or nothing by the end of the week.    speculative buyers who’d been elbowing each other out of the way to be first to get at the touted darling of the moment were conspicuously absent.   there were few museum curators.   there were incredulous reports of the most self-important gallerists in the world behaving, well, politely.    the gestalt:   shell-shocked.

there are fewer fairs this year and in most of them, far fewer exhibitors.   consequently, the whole mess is lots easier to navigate.   the mood is upbeat — “cautiously optimistic” — the catch-phrase.    attendance is high.   though i’m not sure any of them are buying, there are lots of museum curators here.   the speculators and those buying with their ears, rather than eyes have yet to re-surface.  collectors are buying.

we did the PULSE fair this year and i’m very happy with the organizers, the space and the other exhibitors.      we have two booths – a project booth with russell crotty’s new “surf” work and a big booth with new work by a dozen of our gallery artists.     sorry that the photos aren’t up to my usual standards, but my camera’s battery is dead and i’ve had to rely on the kindness of strangers with iphones.

our crotty IMPULSE booth:

and a view of our main booth and works by (left to right) jutta haeckel, marco maggi and driss ouadahi: