we’re about to open a show


of gerhard mayer’s drawings.     i love them.   they’re the perfect example of  infinite variation.  these are hand-made drawings of ink on paper.     they’re made tracing an ellipse and following 7 rules:

1.  the paper is always the same size – 34.3 x 43.4 cm

2.  each drawing is made by tracing one ellipse

3.  the ellipse always lies in the horizontal

4.  ellipses may not transect the edge of the paper

5.  a complete ellipse may not be drawn

6.  in each position of the stencil, at least three lines must be generated to define the ellipse

7.  only lines may be generated, not points








the first and fourth images are details, the rest are full drawings.    the photographs were taken by david stroud.   the exhibition opens saturday the 24th and runs through the 5th of december.