it took me a while to get over my embarrassment


about being so terribly attracted to timothy horn’s work.    the australian sculptor’s over-sized baubles are just   s o    d a r n    seductive…    but i had a nagging fear that they were also grotesque.

this piece, “grand noeud,” looks in the photo to be a beautiful, baroque pearl drop-earring.    thinking vermeer, right?     in person, it’s nearly 40-inches high.     really, just too big.   gorgeous.     but completely lacking subtlety.

of course, that discomfort is one of the (many) things that is so good about tim horn’s artwork —   the tension he creates around the fine line between good and bad taste.    and the line is constantly shifting…     someone said to me yesterday, “no one wants to be seen carrying shopping bags on the street these days.     it’s considered vulgar.”   boy, what a difference a year makes…


“grand noeud” 2009, nickel-plated bronze, mirrored blown glass, 39 x 19 x 9.5 inches, is a new piece by timothy horn, currently on view at our new york gallery.