marco maggi

just finished installing his show “cubic drops”  in our san francisco gallery.  it’s genius.   there’s a wealth of his masterful drawings —  in graphite and on aluminum foil and scratched into plexiglass.   there’s an astonishing object that’s a drawing in graphite on graphite.   and an amazing assortment of his playful and beautiful explorations of drawing and line made 3-d.

a close-up of a drawing on reynolds wrap:


a drawing scratched on plexiglass that is practically invisible except for it’s shadow:


“A cubic drop is a plexi sheet with floor, roof and four walls.  Six faces or surfaces to liberate the line from its two dimensions.  A drawing/sculpture unit.”        – marco maggi

a stack of scratched, two-inch cubes:



“square pencil” (detail) a pencil drawing on a sheet of soft graphite:


once you’re past the virtuosity of his hand (i’m not guaranteeing you’ll ever get there – i’ve been working with him for ten years and haven’t) you’ll find an extraordinary wit and a linguistic prowess.    conceptual and formal concerns dealt with in equal measure – smart and gorgeous.



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