modern museum fort worth


very impressed by the modern art museum in fort worth.   completed in 2002 and designed by tadao ando, it joins phillip johnson’s 1961 amon carter museum and louis khan’s 1972 kimbell museum.    an embarrassment of riches.


i’d seen beautiful photographs of the building and admit i was a disappointed by the facade.   sleek, nice proportions – yes.   but more about shutting you out than drawing you in…   inside, the building immediately opens up and is lovely.     there are 5 concrete pavilions, arranged around a very large (1 1/2 acres) pebble-bottomed pool.   40 ft high curtain walls enclose the concrete building and provide natural light, lovely small exhibition spaces that seem to float over the water and circulation around the pavilions.


i always wonder if you’re supposed to take a candy from a félix gonzalez-torres piece in a museum…     i didn’t.



the polished concrete is really beautiful.   austere.   temple-like.


practically the entire museum was devoted to permanent collection when i was there.    an installation of  greatest hits.    literally nothing that wasn’t immediately recognizable.    but almost all of extremely high quality.    when your blue chip trophies are this good, maybe that’s ok…


andy, ed & donald…


there were  two gorgeous martins and too much keifer.   and  an unfortunately large gallery full of sean scully.   for me the epitome of if you’ve seen one…  i never need to see another.


didn’t know who to feel worse for…    tada ando or roxy paine (that is his sculpture of metal trees on the lawn beyond the pool).    the new buildings across the street really wreck the view.      someone needs to plant some timber bamboo just the other side of that wall.




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