mexico city – mueso national antropologia


wow.    astonishing.     you could spend a week here and not see everything…    the 1/2 million square foot facility was built in 1963/4 and designed by pedro ramírez vázquez .    an enormous courtyard, is surrounded by pavillions containing the collections.   at one end of the courtyard is column with an otherwise unsupported capital shading the space.    water pours from around the capital, cooling the air.    cascading water echos throughout the museum.


the aztec pavillion – the centerpiece – the “stone of the sun” – used to be thought to be the aztec calendar.    they now know it was a platform for gladitorial contests.




my kind of dogs.



a bowl in the form of a monkey holding his own tail, carved from a single piece of obsidian.


nothing like being in a city of 20 million people, looking at brilliant work made 2,000 years ago to make you feel insignificant.

the museum’s website:

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