i’m in mexico city


for liliana porter’s exhibition at museo tamayo de arte contemporaneo http://www.museotamayo.org.   the museum was mexican painter rufino tamayo’s gift to the mexican people.    designed by teodoro gonzalez de leon and built in  1981 it houses a small but very nice collection of work that tamayo collected.   ostensibly that work shows what influenced him.    it also contextualizes him in a most favorable way.  probably 15% of the exhibition space is devoted to changing exhibitions of the collection.    the vast majority of the very beautiful museum is devoted to contemporary exhibitions.


the exterior of museo tamayo (admittedly, from the back)  makes reference to meso-american pyramids.    ok, and it’s a bit bunker-like.     but the interior is nice.   challenging exhibition spaces, but challenging in a good way, i think.  nice light.    nice scale.    central atrium:


similarities to the berkeley art museum and the whitney.


liliana lived in mexico city in the 1960’s.   her last solo show here was 35 years ago.   this is something of a homecoming…



with liliana and maria jose at casa luis barragan


we’re staying in hotel camino real, designed by ricardo legorreta in 1968.


a view down a hall…


the screen that makes the hall look pink…


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