i’ve never believed you could be a good art dealer without being a collector. jeanne always says she doesn’t trust a collector who isn’t a foodie. it’s the same thing, all about obsession…

it’s hard to know if my collecting habits are genetic or environmental. my maternal grandmother, helen, who was probably the most influential person in my life, was an avid collector with a great eye. my mother is a collector. i am a collector.  my grandmother had a fetish for dishes.  my mother inherited that and a propensity to acquire everything that crosses her path.   i go for contemporary art, of course.    but have some other weaknesses as well…


i love auctions.    my grandmother took me all the time when i was a kid.  for a couple of years i’ve been addicted to swedish auction house –  bukowski’s (  i mark my calendar with their preview dates, then trawl their online catalog late at night. twice a year they have an “international sale” and twice a year a “modern sale”. like any auction, it depends who else is bidding, but occasionally, there are bargains.


i have two bukowski’s heartaches — a set of twenty-four 18th-century meissen soup plates — i kick myself every time i set the table for a dinner party —  and an 18th-century rock crystal chandelier.

on this post — a few things that i like from the upcoming international (25-28 november) sale.


wouldn’t you rather drink out of these 18th century goblets than reidel?

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