studio visit with liliana porter

celene and i took the train up to visit liliana porter’s studio yesterday.    liliana will have a show in our new york gallery opening the 30th of october.   so far, all we’d seen were a couple of jpgs of a large painting and celene confessed to being a bit nervous about there being enough work for this cavernous gallery…

the setting is pastoral – the studio is in an old barn.      inside it’s floored with wide, pine planks.   it’s bright and ordered (anyway, for our visit) and as anyone who knows liliana’s work might expect – full up with vintage knickknacks, toys, figurines and tchotchkes – many of them chipped, faded and a bit worse for the wear.    they’d quite possibly be wonderful if you were a kid (and were allowed to play with them) but to a middle-aged minimalist, they’re overwhelming and a bit sad.    less nostalgic and playful than memento mori…    maybe it’s just me.

what’s fun about seeing all of the stuff, are the flashes of recognition as you discover the characters you know from years of liliana’s videos, and photographs…

from this odd assortment of stuff, liliana makes the most wonderful videos, photographs, sculptures, drawings and paintings.    her simple yet unexpected juxtapositions invite complex existential interpretations.   always witty and sometimes absurd, the work is charming, moving and intelligent.     i’m not going to give away the show – it is going to be amazing –  but here are a couple of the photographs:

“brancusi” 2008  duraflex photograph, 11×15 inches

wow!           “boy”  2008  duraflex photograph, 9×13 inches

“magritte” 2008 duraflex photograph, 11×16 1/2 inches

we’ll also show an astonishing group of mixed media paintings and drawings about, among other things, “catastrophe.”     and a group of gorgeous (related) pieces liliana made between 1970 and 1972.    liliana porter is on the right:

we’ll also be exhibiting liliana’s work at the pinta art fair november 14-16 at the metropolitan pavilion, 125 w. 18th street in new york.

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