sarah palin terrifies me.

because i can see her appeal.   she’s photogenic.   a small-town success story.  real-life liza doolittle.   a mom.   an all-american, reform-spouting “i’m an outsider!” and “i’m just like you middle-america!”  (albeit in a snide, condescending way) rags-to-riches story.   someone who didn’t go to fancy schools and in fact did poorly at the four colleges she spent six years attending.   proof that anyone in america can make it.

i’d like to correct matt damon.   sarah palin is less disney movie than tabloid-celebrity — like paris hilton — attaining notoriety not because of talent or intelligence or accomplishment — but because people can’t look away from a car crash.

and ok,  i’ll confess…    i’m obsessed too.    for the second time in history, a group of people have discovered a shill they can pass off as a potential world leader.   palin, like george bush, is completely unqualified and unprepared to serve in the office that millions of americans are clamoring for them to hold.  like george bush, palin attempts to cover her intellectual inadequacies with rigid adherence to misconception.    if you repeat a lie often enough, you can convince a lot of people it’s the truth.

like i said, i’m scared…