more stories…

yelena yemchuk is one of the “discoveries” i’m excited about including in the upcoming exhibition.    born in kiev, she moved with her family to brooklyn when she was 11.     she’s a photographer and videographer and makes inspired paintings on paper.

“dream wife” (watercolor and graphite on paper, 24×36 inches)   “when florence dyed her hair red, everything changed.  her fox collar began to bark.  the neighbors, leaving their wives, only had eyes for her.  the trouble was, she lost her desire to walk.”

it’s the stuff of eastern-european folk tales and bad dreams.   akin to marcel dzama’s work, i immediately thought of bulgakov’s masterpiece “the master and margarita” when i saw this work.  it’s audacious and ferocious.

in “husband” (30×90 inches), “a woman of eighty wakes up one day and discovers she is now young and being carried away by a large bird.  “how fantastic,” she thinks, “i’m beautiful again!”  and, “who’s the rabbit?”