studio of jutta haeckel in düsseldorf

jutta haeckel paints in a completely original way…    bet that got your attention…      and while much of her methodology is known to printmakers, her technique and concept are intertwined in a way that i’ve never seen before.

jutta’s brushstrokes don’t define objects but instead describe the space between them.    essentially, she makes representational paintings by painting the void.

a detail of a painting in progress:

her subject matter — landscape — is developed though interwoven pattern.     fencing, steel structures, graffiti and branches are layered, creating a net-like surface that both screens your view and reveals the three-dimensional space of the image.

jutta talks about the relationship between “draufsicht”  (to look at) and “durchsicht” (to see through)…

i’ve come to realize jutta is not thinking about imagery in a “normal” way.    it’s a sort of spacial dyslexia.    a more complex version of the way printmakers work.   the stuff that appears to be on top is actually the ground of the painting (the layer that goes on to the canvas first).    things that appear solid are nothing.

looking at these paintings challenges your notions of perception  —  one of the responsibilities of an  artist.     the ambiguities in this work are as multi-layered as her painting technique — representation vs. abstraction, mundane vs. incomprehensible, fact vs. faith, presence vs. absence…

jutta haeckel will have a solo show in my san francisco gallery opening the 25th of october 2008.