a chandelier you’ll love

everyone flips over the chandelier in my new york apartment…    the structure was designed by two swedish architects – Gunnar Cedervall and Björn Stillefors – and is marketed by a design company in stockholm called form nasielsky (http://www.nasielsky.se/eng/index.htm).

this is the image that i saw that interested me. and this is a diagram of their various chandelier designs:

when i saw these designs i  thought of a set of pink glasses (circa 1960) that were a wedding gift to my parents.   i used a clear, low wattage bulb (on a dimmer)  and it gives off soft (very flattering) light and casts beautiful refractions and shadows around the room.   someday i might swap them out for her cut waterford crystal…     in a bigger space i’d like a 40 or 72 stem fixture that i’d fill it with a mixture of flea market finds…     but it’s  handsome with simple clear stemware as well.

as louis points out, one way to give an object a long life is to engage the imagination of the user.   this chandelier invites interaction.  the ability to interpret and personalize it enabled me to add a layer of my history to it.   the open-endedness of it means it can change in different settings or when i’m ready to freshen up the space.  not only are the glasses (that hadn’t been drunk from in years) getting a new life, but the chandelier itself will have multiple incarnations.   this is sustainable design.