i watched the mini-series when i was 21 and was much influenced. oxford. the clothes. the 20’s. boys in love. mind blowing.

i just read the novel for the first time (see my page “what i’ve been reading”). and recently learned that a film version based on the novel is due out this autumn. the first one-half of the novel focuses on the relationship of charles ryder and sebastian flyte at oxford. the new film, it seems, focuses instead on the mid-life affair between ryder and sebastian’s sister, julia. moreover, the film minimizes the catholic component of the story.


polling friends who’ve read the book (admittedly, all 10-20 years ago) or seen the mini-series, led to the unanimous opinion that the affair between and charles and julia is a minor part of the story… one huffed “the affair with the sister was just a chapter tacked onto the end.” well, not exactly…

but, waugh, who converted to catholicism, said the book was about “the unmerited and unilateral act of love by which God continually calls souls to Himself.” so the religious aspect of the novel is really key.

i’ll see the film, but doubt it will actually be about the book… it stars emma thompson, michael gambon, ben wishaw, matthew goode and hayley atwell.