sweet thing

“sweet thing” 2008, nickel-plated bronze and blown and mirrored glass, 60x44x9 inches

a new work by australian artist timothy horn, made for his upcoming project at san francisco’s herzog & de meuron designed de young museum. the exhibition, “bitter suite” will consist of three pieces inspired by the decorative arts collections of the san francisco fine arts museums and the life and legend surrounding the legion of honor’s founder, alma le normand de brettville spreckles, wife of sugar baron adloph spreckles.

horn’s work always begins with the history of design and aesthetics. from there it delves into social history, politics, mythology, sexuality and fetish. horn has written about this upcoming show:

i am intrigued by the stories that surrounded alma (which for me, were sparks that ignited ideas for the work I’ve gone on to make) – she was someone larger than life, the stuff that “myths” are made of – and therefore i’m sure, even during her day was the source of much swirling speculation, tall tales and chinese whispers, by both admirers and detractors.

i definitely share your affection for alma, whom you aptly, and I believe respectfully describe as a “monstre sacre”. . .

my precise interest is the intersection between beauty and grotesque, perfection versus vulgarity.

timothy horn’s exhibition “bitter suite” will be on view at the de young museum from june 14 – october 12, 2008